IDA awards

July 11th, 2016 - Galtiscopio was awarded: First Prize and Honorable Mention in Accessory watches competition for the La Giostra II project on the 2015 IDA Awards (International Design Awards) in Accessories Watches category. Big congrats to our team and thanks for our supporters.

[La Giostra Collection II] The series’ theme design of this timepiece focuses on the expression of self and the ease with which one enjoys time in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time’s wheel serves as scenery behind the eye-catching portrait of the steed. It echoes the brand’s creative concept by taking us on an artistic journey in which dreams are dreamt. This series casing circumference is inlayed with “GP Signature” three dimensional Swarovski crystals. The eye of the noble steed is also specially embellished with shiny crystal, bringing out a strong scent of spirit. This series also offers a range of leather colour choices. The timepieces succinctly encompass a rich concept behind, this series will surely attract a huge following from unique individuals and the stylish world.

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