A Gift from the Fairy Godmother


One day, a little girl stuck her favorite toy on her watch. The watch had never left her ever since. Whenever and wherever, it would get her imagination fired up and bring her joy. Her mother noticed that, whenever the little girl looked at the watch, it was as if time has stopped in a cycle of eternal bliss.


“If only, everyone in the world could have a watch that allowed them to not worry about being confined to time…” the mother thought. While believing that everyone deserved to have a watch just like her daughter’s, she set out to create a little piece of childhood wonder for everyone to enjoy.



The design concept of GALTISCOPIO timepiece is inspired by "Time To Enjoy Time", the three-dimensional design is playful, it inherits unbounded design style, and designs unlimited possibility, the design has redefined time and at the same time has brought timepiece to an all-new level, as well as has created a unique personal style for the brand, and injected new interpretation into time




The design of GALTISCOPIO accessories series is adopted from "3D Swarovski Crystal", the inlay of every accessory is not complicated, the design is extremely simple yet powerful, the outline has the elements of the crystal watch series by the brand, the brand logo is decorated with inlaid Swarovski crystal, matching with the delicate and classy details gilded in gold, a avant-garde yet refined style is portrayed through delicate craftsmanship.




GALTISCOPIO clothing combines "artistic style" in the philosophy of "unrestrained confidence", the requirements of the design are focused on the details and skill of production, to fulfill every stylish woman. It uses "delicate, elegant" designs to fully express the confidence and charisma of women, to enable every woman to glow as the center of attention at various occasions.




GALTISCOPIO offers high-quality and stylish footwear products. The models of the products are trend-setting, with excellent quality, it portrays the feeling of being delicate and fun and yet without losing the touch of fashionable style, which enables every stylish woman to inadvertently emanate the beauty of her sexiness, where the center of attention is always on.


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